Welcome to Smokey JoesWelcome to Smokey Joes

Smokey Joe’s offers alfresco dining in a colorful festive atmosphere. "We only serve fresh caught local fish…", says executive chef Jose Lago, "...so don’t expect to find salmon and trout on our menu!". We also feature open-fire rotisserie-grilled chicken, and for the meat lover, our thick-cut tender Argentine grass-fed filet mignon is sure to hit the spot. But our ultimate treat has to be the fingerlicking enjoyment of eating our grilled baby back ribs, truly the "Best Ribs in the CARIBBEAN!".

The Story of Iguana JoeThe Story of Iguana Joe

As children we were fortunate to grow up on a tropical island where the temperate climate allowed us to have lunch every day on the back porch of our house. Starting in the fall of 1985, we were joined by a beautiful vibrant green iguana.

Even though we never found out if our visitor was a he or a she, we kids called the little fellow Joe. We had a mural painted of Joe as we remembered him. A mural that was very similar to the one you see in our restaurant today. Joe's presence always brought a simple joy to our meals, and we hope that his image will do the same for you.

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